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Live 37MM Ammo

When looking for live 37mm Ammo there are very few options on the market.  Most commercial 37mm ammo uses those same short crappy plastic casings that usually produce minimal results.  Mostly because of design they will short launch.  To solve both of these 37mm problems we have partnered with Signal Source LLC to produce better functioning live 37mm ammo and more 37mm ammo types that currently don't exist in the market.  The first to release is the 37mm Star Cluster Projectiles which have an average range of 120-140 meters producing a bright shower of sparks in one of seven different colors.  While designed for only one use the plastic casing design works well to get the speed and distance expected out of commercial 37mm ammo.

Link to 37mm Ammo

37MM Parachute Flare Construction Kits

37MM Parachute Flares Now Available!!

We are currently working on a new construction kit for 37mm Parachute Flares.  As always we are working on new 37MM ammo types for your 37mm launcher.  We expect to have this 37mm reloading kit released by the end of this week.  Also on the schedule is the how to video for this 37mm projectile which will be filmed next week.

Last Chance to order you 37mm Red White an BOOM kits - Are you ready for the 4th?

Get your online orders in on time to get to you by the 4th. Time is running out for east coast shipping. The 25th is the last day we can ship it out and get it to you before the 4th of July. Our 37mm Red White & BOOM kits are the perfect way to the most BANG out of such an awesome patriotic holiday. Our 37mm Gen2 Nemesis signaling device is the perfect launcher for all of you 37mm fireworks needs.

37mm Red White and BOOM kits in Portland this weekend (6/19 - 6/21)

PORTLAND: We will be in your area this weekend at the Portland Gun & Knife Show. Pick up your fireworks just in time for the BOOM season. Stop by our booth and say hi! If you need to gear up for the 4th then there's no better time. Our 37mm fireworks kits for the Gen2 Nemesis 37mm signaling device are the perfect thing to light up your 4th of July!.
Portland Gun & Knife Show
 for more info.
  • Jun 19th - 21st, 2015
    • Friday 12:00pm – 6:00pm
    • Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm
    • Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm
    • General admission is $10

37mm Bird Banger Kit

The 37mm ammo Bird Banger kit contains the construction materials and instructions for constructing 10 - 37mm Bird Banger rounds, or wildlife control rounds for your 37mm launcher.

37mm Fireworks

Our 37mm Firework Projectile Kit contains the construction materials and instructions for constructing 10 firework rounds for your 37MM launcher. One of our favorite 37mm ammo kits.

Deluxe 37mm Reloading Starter Kit

This 37mm ammo kit includes all that is needed to begin reloading your 37mm launcher except, primers, black powder and a hot glue gun.

37mm Starter kit will contain 6 Aluminum Casings, 2 "Bird Banger" kit, 16 payload cup caps, 10 fused Large payload cups, 3 Large payload cups, 2 Small payload cups, 1 - 4" fused XL payload cup, 10 powder bushings, Flying fish "bee" fuse, Black powder measuring tool, Primer punch, Funnel, Reloading information booklet, 1 Rocket Flare Projectile, 1 - Multi smoke projectile, 1 Star insert pack. 

This Starter kit will get you well on your way to enjoying 4th of July in style! 


These 37mm ammo grab bags includes your choice of 100 or 120 projectiles for your 4th of July celebration (or any celebration, really).

The Patriot Kit gets you 120 projectiles for your 37mm launcher: 4 Bird Banger kits, 2 Smoke Projectile kits, 7 Star Cluster kits (lots of stars), 3 Powder Bushing 10 packs, 2 Firework kits, 5 - 4" Fused Payload cups, and an instruction booklet.

The Stars and Stripes Kit gets you 100 projectiles of 37mm ammo: 4 Bird Banger kits, 3 Star Cluster kits, 3 Powder Bushing 10 packs, 2 Firework kits, 5 - 4" Fused Payload cups, and an instruction booklet.

It's everything you need to reload your 37mm launcher and have an epic party. These kits are only available until midnight on July 1st.

Click here to buy The 37mm RED WHITE and BOOM kits!... 


Our first Exotic Fan Film is live! Check out the 37mm Launcher fun.

Shout out to everyone who sent footage for our 37mm Fan Film!  If you see yourself in the video, share with your friends, if you want to be in the next fan film, send your 37mm launcher footage to fanfilm@exotic-firearms.com.