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We've been asked before, "What can you do with 37mm rocket flares?”

Today I am going to answer this question.

The 37mm Rocket Flare projectile was designed to function out of any 37mm launcher.  We originally designed it to use the commercially available A10 T-3 Estes rocket motor.  The 37mm Rocket Flare projectile can be altered to use a larger commercial rocket motor simply by drilling the motor compartment out to fit a larger motor.  

An additional option for this 37mm projectile is to make your own sugar or black powder engine.  We do strongly recommend that a commercial model rocket engine be used for ease of construction and safety.  The 37mm Rocket Flare projectile is long and does require the use of one of our 4.5” aluminum 37mm casings.  T

he first use for this 37mm projectile is for the pure joy of shooting a rocket out of your 37mm launcher. Simply install an engine by lightly gluing the cap in place and launch the 37mm projectile in the air.  Using the projectile in this way allows one to recover the 37mm projectile, put another engine in it and fire it over and over.  This use we recommend initially to help you practice in the art of loading a 37mm projectile that contains a rocket engine.  Before you place chemicals in the payload space, make sure it is a true 37mm Rocket Flare.  

The second use for this 37mm round is to put stars from one of our 37mm Star Cluster kits in the payload space and turn it into an extended range 37mm Star Cluster.  For this you would like a little more altitude for your 37mm signaling round.  Another use would include combining both our 37mm Fireworks kit and 37mm Star Cluster kits to make a payload that consisted of stars and flying fish bee fuse with a black powder core.  This could make an impressive 37mm round for your Fourth of July display! 

The last example we will use for the 37mm Rocket Flare projectile is purely for fun.  We recommend doing this in a gravel pit as to prevent starting a fire with your 37mm Launcher.  Also check your local laws before attempting.  If you were to have an old TV or computer that was in need of reduction then one could use a thermite composition in the payload compartment of the 37mm Rocket Flare to attempt to set ablaze the TV or computer.  Once again you would want to do this in a gravel pit in order to prevent a fire as thermite is not easily extinguished once it is lit.

Written by Ryan Fisher — May 16, 2013

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